Look, I get it. Tom Brady might be the best player who ever stepped on the Gridiron. He’s resume is timeless in every sense of the word. He has the Super Bowls, MVPs, and he comes up BIG in big moments. His leadership quality’s are second to none. Brady will always be remembered as the Goat. He really is the greatest of all time, regardless of sport.

The Chargers would really be lucky to land a player of Brady’s caliber. But what is Tom Brady at this point in his career? Is he a winner? Absolutely. There is no doubt that Brady can still play and help a team win. He has always lead his team to the playoffs. He does things, even at 42 years old, that leaves players around the league in awe. But what would signing Tom Brady mean to the Chargers’ Franchise?

It would mean that Philip Rivers was never good enough to lead his team to the big game. It would mean that the Chargers would rather move on from the teams face since 2004, for a player whose arm strength is less and skill as comparable to that of Rivers. Moving on from Rivers to Brady would be like asking for a divorce after 16 years of marriage, citing looks just don’t do it for you anymore, then marrying their twin a few months later. It is a big fat F**k you to one of the most beloved players in Chargers’ history.

Philip Rivers does everything that Brady does at the line of scrimmage, calling blocking assignments, calling audibles, moving players around to create miss-matches and putting the team in the best position to win. He can make every throw that Brady can. He knows the offense and knows the strengths and weaknesses of his teammates better any other player coming in. Why would the Chargers replace him for a player with the same exact skill sets?


Why the Chargers Would Want Tom Brady?

Personal Seat Licenses! PSL’s are a license that gives the right to owners to buy season tickets for a specific seat or number of seats in a stadium. NFL teams rely heavily on revenue from these licenses and the Chargers more so than others. For the past few seasons, the Chargers have played their home games at Dignity Sports Health Park (formerly StubHub Center), an MLS stadium for the Los Angelas Galaxy soccer team, with a max capacity of about 30,000 fans. For reference, the average number of seats for a professional NFL football team is about 70,000. The Chargers’ revenue took a big hit while waiting for their new home, SoFi Stadium, to be built.

Sofi Stadium will accompany approximately 70,000 fans and can be expanded to 100,000 for larger events, such as the Super Bowl, WrestleMania, Concerts and the Olympics. The Chargers are expected to pay for $400,000 worth of the stadiums construction using PSL’s and they are grossly behind. According to Forbes, they have only sold about $100,000 worth of PSL’s as of October 11th, 2019. The Chargers are extremely short, mainly because they are not widely popular, especially with how angry they made fans moving just 2 hours north from San Diego. The Chargers’ fanbase was already small, but made even smaller leaving their home since 1961.

The only reason the Chargers realistically would want Tom Brady is to help them sell PSL’s. Signing Brady has nothing to do with winning Super Bowls or building a team for the future. The NFL is a business made up of 32 other, smaller business partners. The Chargers are on the hook for another $300,000 with no way to pay their tab. The entire reason the Chargers left San Diego is because of money. They were offered multiple stadium resolutions to stay in San Diego over a span of 15 years, but they opted to move to a bigger, more wealthy market with the promise of more money.


Why Would Tom Brady Want to come to the Chargers?

This is an easy one as well. There are two primary reasons that Tom Brady would want to come to the Chargers:

  1. Step Out of the Shadow of Bill Belichick: Make no mistake that Brady, mostly, earned all of his accolades. There is definitely some debate to this. Brady’s Super Bowls are clouded with controversy. He was bailed out by Adam Vinatieri twice, the Tuck Rule, Deflategate, Spygate (also twice) and the improbable Julien Edelman catch in Super Bowl LIII. Above all this, Brady also had who is considered the greatest Head Coach of all time. Brady has nothing else to prove to anyone, but himself. While he has nothing else to prove to anyone, Brady winning a Super Bowl on his own would separate all those who say that he couldn’t have done it without Belichick.
  2. Get Ready for Life After the NFL: This would be a very similar move to LeBron James leaving Cleveland and coming to Los Angeles. Brady just launched his Hollywood Production company: 199 Productions. If your wondering the significance, Brady was drafted 199th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft, which could be signifying the loop to the end of his career. He is setting the stage for life after football where he plans to go into the movie business. It is rumored that he will be working with directors Joe and Anthony Russo from the Avenger’s films. This all the more signifies that Bradys career is coming to an end very soon!

Why REAL Charger Fans Do Not Want Tom Brady

Tom Brady has been an enemy of Charger fans for as long as I can remember. I wouldn’t call it a rivalry. There is no Chargers/Patriots rivalry, like there was a Steelers/Patriots or Colts/Patriots Rivalry. But there has been heartbreak! Brady has bested us in the playoffs multiple times. There was the Marlon McCree interception-fumble in the 2006 AFL Divisional Round matchup. The next year we lost in the 2007 AFC Conference Championship to the Patriots. We were murdered in the 2018 AFC Divisional Round playoffs by the Patriots. Brady holds a 9-2 career record against the Bolts.

Additionally, we do not care about the Chargers’ short-term goals of making money. We care about the future of the team. The fans want prolonged success for the next 15 years. Our division rival Kansas City Chiefs will have Patrick Mahomes for the next 15 years. The Houston Texans will have DeSean Watson for the next 15 years. The Ravens, Cowboys, Bills, Eagles, 49ers, Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals all have a pretty clear picture of who their signal caller will be for a long time. The fans of this football team want continuity under center, and Tom Brady does not give that to us.

The worst possible scenario that terrifies REAL Charger fans is being in a situation that the Browns have been in for the past 20 years. We do not want to be the Raiders, Browns, Jets, Buccaneers, Bengals or Jaguars who can’t find the beloved Franchise Quarterback. Bringing in Tom Brady comes with certain promises that we cannot hold. He will demand to be paid top QB money. He will demand weapons and protection. He will demand that we focus on the now and not the future of the franchise.

So Mr. Telesco, if your reading this by a chance, take it from a REAL fan of the San Diego and Los Angeles Chargers. We do not want Tom Brady to EVER wear a Powder Blue jersey. Even if we did somehow win a Super Bowl with Brady, it will always be Brady’s Super Bowl and not the Chargers’ Super Bowl. We don’t want the sour taste of winning it with Brady over Rivers to linger in our mouth. Please, find us a QB in the draft, so that we can look forward to the future of this team. Thanks Tom!

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