This is a specific topic not getting enough attention. Teams around the league are pulling coaches and scouts off the road in fear of the COVID-19. All this after news of Rudy Gobert catching the virus and spreading it to Donovan Mitchell. The virus, which has been spreading at an alarming rate, is rapidly changing the sports industry in a way never before seen.

The NBA has cancelled the rest of the season until further notice. The NCAA Tournament will be played without any fans in the stands. With Free Agency beginning next week, the NFL is beginning to feel the ripple effects. Teams have began closing their facilities. Agents are requesting their players to not travel. The NFL has reported that there shouldn’t be a change to the league year, which means no delay to the frenzy that is free agency. This shouldn’t be an issue, as veterans can go through the process without having to travel, at least right away. The NFL Draft is a different matter.

Teams have already pulled scouts and coaches from pro days. With massive amounts of tape at their disposal, and the Scouting Combine already over, teams should have all the information needed to make a decision on who they want to draft come April. Pro days are just a follow on to the underwear Olympics anyways. They are mainly used for additional interviews with players. That fine for everyone not named Tua Tagovailoa.

Tua has the most important pro day of any player ever to have a pro day. After a gruesome injury that left many to wonder whether Tua will ever play again, Tua has a lot to prove to teams around the league. While all medical report have come back positive, being able to see what rehab has done for the young signal caller should have a pretty drastic effect to his draft stock. He could be a top-5 pick, or could fall if a team doesn’t seem to think his mobility will return.

If teams are restricting their travel, that means they may not be at his pro day. If teams are not able to see how he has progressed from a physical stand point, how can they take a chance on him. He has the skill and mental aptitude to be the number one overall pick, but that means nothing if he is not able to move around. He could fall and right off the board, depending on what happens.

I am not saying that I think he will fall. Even if he doesn’t participate in a pro day, I think a team could take a chance on him some place in the 1st round, but we have seen great players drop before. Laremy Tunsel was expected to be the #1 overall pick and fell to the Dolphins at 13, after a video of him smoking marijuana out of a face mask surfaced. La’el Collins wasn’t even drafted, and he was expected to be a top-10 pick, but fell due to a concern that he was a suspect of the death of a pregnant woman, whom he had a relationship with.

All I am saying is this could be a very important pro day for Tua Tagovailoa. It’s not getting enough attention how bad COVID-19 could effect his draft stock.

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