There is a lot to get excited about for Charger fans. The Chargers have made two drastic moves to upgrade the offensive line, trading for Trai Turner and signing former Packer, Bryan Bulaga. Bulaga is one of the leagues top pass blockers, and his signing comes at a time most needed. There will be a new signal caller in Los Angeles, and it is important that the team has a hot start if it is going to win the Battle for LA. The offensive line has been atrocious for years, and Bulaga, along with Trai Turner, instantly makes the right side one of the best in the league.


So How Good is Bryan Bulaga?

For starters, Bulaga is a massive man. He is 6’5”, 314 pounds with tree trunks for thighs. While he may have just turned 31 years old, he still plays at an extremely high level, specifically in pass protection. He has a really strong anchor and plays with good bend. He has the footwork you want for a player who typically takes on the defenses best pass rusher each week. He allowed only 4 sacks for the entire season. He is also extremely smart and cerebral.

He is great for the zone blocking scheme that the Chargers employ. He isn’t a mauler, but he does have some push for the position and will help the run game. He ranked as the 13th best starting tackle according to PFF and 6th Right Tackle specifically. His grade for run blocking was the highest it’s been in his whole career, outside 2011. Reunited with James Campen, who was his positional coach for most his career, expect big things from Baby Bulaga!

I have broken down some film on Bryan Bulaga versus one of his matchups against the Chicago Bears. It is my first time breaking down film aloud, but you can see just how impressive he was, especially against Khalil Mack. Look for #75 on the right side. Enjoy!

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