The Los Angeles Chargers are very familiar with Chris Harris Jr. He has played for the division rival Denver Broncos since they picked him up as an UDFA. He is a former 1st-team All-Pro, 2x 2nd-team All-Pro, 4-time pro bowler and Super Bowl Champion. He has been a top-5 corner for the majority of his career. Last year was his worst graded year according to PFF, where he had his first year graded under 70.0. Don’t let that scare you away though, as Harris is still one of the top corners in the league.

Harris has moved around a bit in the Broncos defense. Last year, he lined up primarily out wide, but in previous years, he has lined up in the slot. An argument can be said that he was better in the slot, considering his ability to make tackles in space and play closer to the line of scrimmage. It looks like the Chargers plan to employ him in the slot, play Michael Davis and Casey Hayward out wide, and move Desmond King into the Adrian Phillips role as a dime linebacker/ hybrid safety. For depth, Harris can split out wide and King can move into the slot role as well. There is some position flexibility having both Harris and King on the roster together.


Harris is 30 years old, and his years of experience playing in what has been a top defense in Denver for his whole career will help make the Chargers defense much better. He does so many things well in coverage. His footwork and change of direction is still one of the best. He plays well in zone or in man coverage. He still has the ability to track the ball at the highest point and wrestle contested catches to incompletion. While he may have given yards up in coverage last year, look for him to make a rebound with something to prove. The Chargers look to have the best secondary in the NFL next year, in addition to a more athletic linebacking corps in starting rotation. Expect the Charger’s thunderstorm to cancel flights through the air all next year!

Check out some film study in the video below. Harris was matched up against AJ Brown who had a phenomenal rookie season for the Tennessee Titans last year.

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