With this post, someone reading this should be my 10,000th reader! I started this Charger’s blog on January 23rd, 2020 and could not have imagined to have the success I have had so far. My first post had 43 total readers in its first week. Today, each post now has closer to 300+ the day I post it! I am extremely thankful for all support I have gotten, especially those who have been critical to my work and opinions.

I started off naming my site High-Boltage on WordPress and have continued with the site address for now. I had thought that the name was totally original, but found both a podcast and a Facebook group by the same name along with twitter name variations. This prompted a need for a rebrand. I had the site up for only 4 weeks when I came to this decision, but had already paid the fees on the WordPress site, so I am stuck with the site address until next year. Even so, I came up with The Master Bolt all on my own. It is a play off Greek Mythology and totally original. Trust me, I know! I researched it!

I do not have a journalism background of any sorts! I studied Economics in college and never thought I’d ever do anything like this. I was a simple Chargers fan, who was also a fan of the Lightning Round Podcast. When the show ended, I got the idea to start this as a sort of hobby to do in my free time. My inspiration came from the analysis that Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle provided with Bolts from the Blue. I am very appreciative of the content they provided leading to the inspiration to start this journey.

I created a Twitter account to start posting my articles where other could read it. I never had a twitter prior to me starting this venture and came in contact with many different personalities. It led me to the Chargers Brawl and the Guilty as Charged podcasts. I actually had an opportunity to be a writer for the Brawl Network, which has been put on hold until further notice. Thanks to COVID-19 and the new California law regarding freelance writers being contractors, that has been put on hold until further notice. I would have never had the opportunity though, without Twitter. It is by far the most engaging platform to interact with fans.

I have begun branching out. I am apart of many different Facebook Groups and created a Facebook page, which is also still in its infancy stages. Facebook is the reason my page is as popular as it is. Over 80% of my readers come from Facebook groups. Granted, I post my articles to over 30 groups, but it triggers engaging conversations in the comments section. I have even been asked to be a moderator/admin by a few groups who enjoy the content I provide.


What else is there to expect?

Two weeks ago, I started doing film study on new free agents the Chargers have brought in. I am by no means an expert. I played football in high school and never played a college snap. I didn’t even go to a college that had a football program, so my film study is admittedly sub par. Even so, I feel like I have a pretty decent understanding of the game, which will only increase the more tape I watch. I have started watching youtubers film study, created an account for NFL Game Pass, paid for PFF. It all helps me grow to better understand the game.

I have created a YouTube channel, and to be honest, it’s terrible. I do not have the best video editing software, nor are my videos entertaining. It’s needs a lot of work, but I will continue to work at it. I plan on adding instrumentals in the background to make it easier to listen to. I have plan on creating my own signature to start my videos. The speed and flow of my videos need to be more entertaining to keep watchers/ listeners intrigued. I know what needs to be done, but it will take some time. Be patient as I work through it.

My website is still growing. This will be my 41st article in just over two months. I will eventually have a section on scouting reports, player film study, game breakdowns and trending topics that happen throughout the year. It is extremely time consuming as a hobby goes, but I am having fun doing it. I hope the media content I create will provide some sort of entertainment to Charger’s fans. Maybe I can even convert some, cause I know this teams needs it!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has read my articles, re-posted or re-tweeted. I am extremely grateful! Find my Facebook and Twitter below👇:

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