The Los Angeles Chargers new home, baring any set backs due to COVID-19, should be opening this summer. Both the Los Angeles Chargers and the Loss Angeles Ram😜 have unveiled their new logos in preparation for the real Battle of LA. This is an important moment for both franchises, and maybe more so for the Chargers, who already have a disgruntled fanbase. The Chargers are in win-now mode, not just from a roster standpoint, but because financially, they have to be!

That stadium is going to pay for itself, thanks to Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, but that doesn’t leave the Chargers off the hook for their part of the bill that they owe. It is imperative that they enter this stadium as winners this season, that is if they hope to carve a piece of the wealthy Los Angeles market for themselves. Worse case scenario is that the Chargers take the Jets role behind the Giants in New York. To help prevent that from happening, the Chargers will need to look the part as they try to become Los Angeles’s primary team.

The Rams also know this and have tried a rebrand themselves, though I am not sure they really hit the mark. If anything, the are the butt of a really bad joke. They have tried to create a new Rams logo, but ruthless fans already made alterations in an embarrassing fashion. The issue they have is trying to do to much. The key should have been small, minor changes to their current logo, which was honestly kind of cool. The goal should have been slight changes to modernize, rather than a full recreation.Not only did their LA logo leak early and is pretty lame, but it sort of looks like the Chargers logo. That is not nearly as bad as the logo of their actual Ram. I’ll let the fans interpret what they see in the logo below.

The Chargers hit their modernization perfectly, and to be honest, I was actually scared after seeing the Rams logo. I was dogging Ram’s fans pretty hard when their logo dropped, but in the back of my mind, i was dreading our logo release. Luckily, the Chargers new logo hit exactly where it needed to. Slight changes to curvature of the the iconic bolt and incorporating the fan favorite powder blue as it’s primary color. Even more, somehow they even got their own sticker that has been a major hit, whether that was planned or not. I for one couldn’t be happier with the new look. This goes to show that less is actually more.

New Uniforms Up Next

The Chargers will still be revealing new uniforms in the coming weeks before the draft. The common theme we are seeing right now is that Powder Blue looks to be the main color of emphasis. Considering the Chargers changed their Powder Blue jerseys from alternate to primary, that should indicate what to expect.You can also expect the new bolt to be on the helmet. Outside of those givens, all else is hear say. There will likely be an update to numbers, name plates and strips. The number on the side of the helmet could make a comeback as well.


The away uniforms I believe will be the biggest change. Expect the away jersey to have powder blue incorporated rather than the navy. Look at the jersey of Keenan Allen and I believe Adrian Phillips below as a good idea of what that would look like. I do not foresee the color of the helmet to change, though many fans believe we could be seeing a Powder Blue helmet. I doubt they move away from the white helmets, especially since they go so well with the powder blue jerseys as well as any alternate uniform, but if they did, expect the yellow bolt to have a white outline similar to the logo above. Another small change could be white helmet with yellow a bolt and powder blue face-mask. If I had to guess though, the only change to the helmet would be the bolt itself.

The last change I have seen all over twitter is yellow pants. I am not the biggest fan of yellow pants, especially with Powder Blues tops. It just looks like too much color together. I do see yellow pants as part of the away uniforms though. But the team has had yellow pants with the powder blue top before, and it is popular enough. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it at least one home games next season. What I am more eager for is the Powder Blue on Powder Blue, which will be a combo sometime next season. We have not seen it before and it would look like a color rush uniform using the most iconic color in franchise history. Looks like we will have to wait another few weeks to find out what our team will look like next season! Until then, take a look at some fan created concepts below. Go Bolts!


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  1. New what? All the jersey are SAN DIEGO players. Fouts has even said he wants nothing to do with the LA Chargers.


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